Beaches in Tamilnadu 

Marina beach is the queen of all beaches in Tamilnadu. Its beauty knew no bounds and it beams with the prides of being the World’s second largest sea. The crowded shore with surplus stalls dotted all along the shore is a great place for an evening stroll and a lovely sojourn.


Mahabalipuram is the most enchanting place in Tamilnadu, the intricate artworks seen everywhere in this beach is a spectacular sight to see. This beach serves as the getaway spot for all the tourist and local people. Even during nights this beach sparkles with colorful lights. This beach is worth a visit.


Kanyakumari is known for its stunning sunrise and sunset. A peaceful stay in its golden sands will take you directly to the seventh heaven. The waves here are very furious and can be an adventurous trip too. Visit Kanyakumari for this holiday and have a daring experience at its shore.


Rameshwaram is not only a place devoted to divinity but also a place to wet your feet in the cool waters. The wonder of this beach is its extreme tranquility and Dhanushkodi beach will startle you at the very first sight. The scenery from its tip, will cast chill down your spine.

Pondicherry beaches are real piece of cake for the sea lovers. Its never ending shores, golden sands, breezy climate and mouthwatering sea foods are the adding beauties to these beaches. Promenade beach and Auroville beach are very famous among all other beaches in Pondicherry. 

This beach is the second largest beach in the Coromandel cost and one of the largest beaches in Asia. These serene shores are a great sight for our dried eyes and the nonstop dashing of the shores against the boulders will drop honey in your ears. Visit this beach once in your life.