Kalrayan Hills

Are you looking for a prefect place surrounded by complete tranquility and serves as a best trekking zone, then Kalrayan hills is where you need to go. This hilly region is less discovered by people and completely undertaken by Mother Nature.

This hilly region is less discovered by people and completely undertaken by Mother Nature. Lush greeneries, tall trees, thorny bushes, scary reptiles, silvery waterfalls, serene ambiance, subtle warm breeze, ceaseless birds chirping, all form a perfect spot for trekkers and nature lovers. This hill is a safe haven for lots of animals, birds, reptiles, and trees.


Located in the Eastern Ghats, this hill divides the Kaveri River basin from Palar River basin. Kalrayan Hills sprawls across an area of 1095 square Kilometer with an altitude ranging from 2k feet to 3k feet. The Northern Segment of the hills which has the altitude of 2700 is known as “Chinna Kalrayan Hill”. The Southern part with the altitude of 4000 feet is known as “Periya Kalrayan Hill”

Tourist information:

The most welcoming part of this hill is that, it not very rocky or craggy, so it can be climbed easily by everyone. During weekends, we see few group of trekkers trekking in the early morning. But the beauty of Kalrayan hills is not unlocked completely, there is more than half a region of Kalrayan hills which is not been explored. The locals believe that, those part of the hills are occupied by tribal communities, who are very fierce by nature; so going beyond the point may be quite dangerous. But so far these tribal communities are not a threat to anyone, they are living their life without disturbing the nature and the locals.

Once you are at kalrayan hills, switch off all your gadgets and relish the incredible beauty of the nature in its own way. This hills can be a perfect rejuvenation spot to regain our lost energy and refresh ourselves. Feel the ultimate bliss of nature in the silvery waters of Megam Falls, which can take way all your body pains. This is the place where you can feel the oneness of nature and mankind. 

Nearby places to visit:

Pappanaikan Patti Dam is 55 feet high and is frequented by many tourists. Periyar Falls and Megam Falls are also located nearby. Both of them are favored picnic spots and remain very crowded during the monsoon season. 20 feet high Manimukhthnadi Dam is another tourist attraction in this area and is visited by many people throughout the year.

How to reach:

Kalrayan hills is easily accessible from Kallakurichi village. This village is located at the distance of 56 km from the hills. As Megam falls is very near to Kalrayan hills which is a famous tourist destination, there are lots of taxis and cabs available from the Kallakurichi village. Salem is the nearest city to Kalrayan hills, located at the distance of 70kms, busses are available from Salem bus stand to Kalrayan hills.