Manapad Surfing Point

Crystal clear sea water, foamy waves, serene ambiance, lined up Palmyra woods, divine churches, hoary buildings and whatnot, all these incredible features adorn the sands of Manapad, which is been titled as the “best Surfing spot in India”.

The unique natural coastlines formed by the multiple layers of lava accumulated over a vast period of time, made Manapad an exclusive place for water sports. This serene land is an apt place for a getaway and relish the beauty of Mother Nature in her complete calmness.


The history behind this lovely surfing spot is interesting and fascinating. The Chennai based couple Arun Miranda and Francina are behind the fame of Manapad. They were the ones who found the hidden treasures of Manapad and brought it to light. This couple’s ancestors hailed from Manapad, and upon their compulsion Arun and Francina visited Manapad and were totally spellbound to witness such a beautiful land. This love for Manapad made Arun to unlock the beauties of this serene place and its tourism potential to the world, which they refer to as ‘Magnificent Manapad’. They came to know that this place is naturally formed surfing zone and has rare wave formation which paves way for doing water sports throughout the year. Thus the duo started Manapad surfing resort and trained the interested youngsters to surf, snorkel, and dive. Now the Manapad resort has become one of the favorite surfing destinations in India and tourists started to visit this place often.


To attract tourist from all over the world, special steps has been taken to restore hoary buildings as a well-furnished homestays. Manapad is a lovely place to stay and has a very rich heritage. This divine land was the abode to St. Francis Xavier during his sojourn in the Pearl Fishery coast. Yet another priceless possession of Manapad is the Holy Cross Church, which contains a part of the original cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified.


Manapad Palm Leaf Cooperate Society:

This is the livelihood of Manapad women folks and was established in the year 1957. Eco friendly products made out of Palmyra leaves, and twigs are sold at this point. Women irrespective of age join in making beautiful creative palm leaf products, including, fans, hand bags, baskets, decorative products and many. 

Heritage walk:

In Heritage walk, the tourists or guests are taken around the sublime hamlet and the rich heritage of Manapad is exposed to them. This walk starts from the ancient St. Francis Xavier grotto, passing on to the historic Holy Cross Shrine, the Gothic castles, few other churches, and finally stops at Palm Leaf handicrafts society. Peaceful stroll through the narrow lanes will refresh your body as well as your mind. 

Manapad Point (the best surfing zone):

Manapad point is the exact place where the naturally accumulated lava forms a unique shore and paves way for the creation of best waves 

throughout the year. Apart from Surfing, this point is suitable for Sailing, Stand up Paddle, Para sailing, Wakeboarding, Snorkeling, Scuba diving and other leisure water activities like, Game fishing, Open ocean boat rides, and Dolphin watch trips. 


A small team specialized in all water sports help the tourists and visitors to surf. Special coaching is given to the beginners. 


Adding to water sports, Manapad also offers meditation and yoga classes, Ayurvedic massage, cookery classes, and day time sightseeing tours. Surf boards, Body boards and related sporting gear are being rented at the resort. 

How to reach:

Manapad is a hamlet near Tiruchendur district (18 kms). Tiruchendur is a famous pilgrimage center in Tamilnadu, so buses are available from all major towns in Tamilnadu to Tiruchendur, from there you can hire a taxi are take a local bus to Manapad.


The nearby railway station is at Tuticorin (59 kms). Tiruchendur also has a railway station, but Tuticorin has more frequency. 


Tuticorin domestic airport, has direct flights to Chennai. International airport is located at Madurai (170 kms) 

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