Peerless Culture of Tamilnadu

Tamilnadu the land of incredible culture and rich heritage is a must to visit destination in India. This ancient land has been practicing the world’s oldest civilization since thousands of years and the historians have recorded about these first inhabitants of the Indian sub-continent. The ancestors of Tamilnadu were very profound and adept. Even in those days they led a much disciplined and well customized lifestyle. The main phenomenon that made them to lead a successful life is their set of values, norms and traditions that they followed. These unique set of disciplines comprises of the Culture of Tamilnadu, which was later on carried out in an efficient way by the successors. 

The people of today’s Tamilnadu are the proud successors of the rich Dravidian family and even in this modern era, they cling on to their traditions and revere their customs in an admirable way.

Way of dressing

Traditional Dress

Tamilnadu people believe in the value systems and it gets reflected in all walks of life. The traditional dress of Tamilnadu people is Saree, half saree for women and dhoti and shirt for men. Tamilnadu is no exception to escape the trend of modernity and fashion. People of Tamilnadu nowadays wear modern attires including Salwar Kameez, Trousers, Suits, and trendy western wears. Though time had created lots of changes in the lifestyle of Tamilnadu people, they try their level best to preserve their tradition. And for all grand functions, celebrations, parties, and on all auspicious events, they flaunt their rich culture by wearing traditional attires.

Tamil –  The Ancient  Language:

Language of Tamil

“What’s more sweeter than the language of Tamil” is one of the famous lyrics that describes the specialty of Tamil language. Tamil language is considered to be one of the oldest languages that prevails on earth. The origin of this language is still a mystery, and according to the Vedas, Tamil language was created by the Gods, and Lord Murugan is considered to be the God of Tamil Language.  Incredible amount of works were done on Tamil language by versatile authors and writers. Tamil language is one among the languages that has complicated grammar. And so gaining profound knowledge on Tamil language is not an easy task. One of the greatest example of Tamil literature is the “Thirukkural” written by the peerless poet Thiruvalluvar 2000 years ago. In a series 1330 verses where each of them is exactly composed with seven words, discusses every aspect of human life and gives the ways and means to lead an ethically, socially and morally fruitful life. Tamil people are very passionate on their mother language and had even indulged in lots of protests to preserve their Tamil language.


Festivals of Tamilnadu

Irrespective of religion, creed and caste, Tamil people commemorate every festival together in a grand manner. Be it Pongal, or Christmas, or Bakrid, every one shares sweets and greetings to each other and revere every individual’s religion. The first day of the Tamil month Chithirai (month of April) is the Tamil new year. Apart from this some of the most famous festivals in Tamilnadu are Deepavali, Karthigai Deepam, Thai Poosam, Aadi perukku, Mattu Pongal, Ayutha Pooja and lot more.

Visit Tamilnadu and explore its impeccable culture.

Ancient Heritage of Tamilnadu

Heritage Tamilnadu

Tamilnadu and heritage are inseparable. The ancient heritage, customs, norms, and traditions define Tamilnadu. This ancient state takes pride in being one of the world’s oldest practicing civilisations in the world. The history states that even from time immemorial Tamil people existed and lead a well-planned life. 

Even our entire life span won’t be enough to know completely about the heritage and traditions of Tamilnadu. People of Tamilnadu lead a simple healthy life, but everyone follows a set of practices that have been inherited from their ancestors. These customs and culture will vary from one household to other. And so Tamilnadu’s culture and heritage is complex and not easy to understand.  

The rich heritage of Tamilnadu can be understood from some prominent heritage sites and temples. These architectural marvels serve as a key in understanding of Tamil culture and Heritage. Apart from that, taking a tour to every part of Tamilnadu will be more informative, as each region has little variation, in dialect, traditional customs, and way of celebration. Each city in Tamilnadu is famous for some unique concept. For example, Chennai for It parks, Mahabalipuram for rock sculptures, Madurai for jasmine, Tanjore for doll making and traditional painting, Dindigul for strong locks, Karaikudi for palatial cuisine, Chettinad for grand houses, Thiruvarur for temple car, Coimbatore for education, Tirunelveli for halwa, Srirangam for temple, Trichy for cleanliness and industries, Tirupur for cloth factories, Ooty and Kodaikanal for vacation and lot more. Thus, Tamilnadu has got everything you look for. Tamilnadu will surely amaze you by flaunting its impeccable heritage and culture.

Here are few places that are rich heritage sites in Tamilnadu. Take a visit to all these places and explore more about the heritage of Tamilnadu.


Dhakshinachitra, Chennai

Dhakshinachitra is a must to visit place at Chennai, if you want to know more about the lifestyle and heritage of Tamilnadu and its various regions. Dhakshinachitra is like a learning centre that explains the lifestyle of Tamilnadu and South India people through perfect models. This place can be acclaimed as a miniature of Tamilnadu, as it has exhibits of all kinds of houses replicating the culture and lifestyle in the different regions of Tamilnadu portraying through the model houses and the properties used. Traditional dances and arts are performed in the open air theatre at Dhakshinachitra. Take a complete tour to this place, and know more about Tamilnadu culture strolling through the streets visiting the different models of houses.

St. Mary’s church:

St. Mary’s Church

Relish the divine power as your feet touches the threshold of St. Mary’s church. This holy church has been the abode of Almighty for a very long time. Though this church is one among the oldest churches of Chennai, it never looks like one. The very elegant spiritual look of this church is pre-eminent. St. Mary’s church is an Anglican church which was established in the year 1679. From that day onwards, this church is revered as a prominent place of worship for millions of devotees. St. Mary’s church is a rich heritage of Chennai and a prominent tourist attraction. The rich past of this church makes the tourists relive the past era of Chennai.

Arjuna Penance:

Arjuna’s Penance, Mahabalipuram

Arjuna’s penance is the magnum opus of culture and heritage of Tamil Nadu; this mid seventh century art is the world’s largest bas-relief. Its bulky size will make you wish for thousand eyes to capture this incredible art as a whole. This piece of art has lots of sculpture of Arjuna, Lord Siva, huge elephants, and lot more in the list. This place is surely worth a visit, these whole carvings is based on the grand Indian epic Mahabharata. Other monuments are based on varied Gods and Goddesses of Hindu religion. Few Buddha sculptures are also found here. The noteworthy monuments are Pancha Rathas, the shore temple, Varaha temple, and Descent of the Ganges.

Chettinad Palace:


Chettinadu palace’s fame had reached all over the world. This elegant colossal palace will make everyone awestruck. The whole building is a work of intricate craftsmanship. This grand palace was established in the year 1912 by Dr. Annamalai Chettiyar, the founder of Annamalai University. The palace is a marvellous sight with its intricate structure and wonderful architecture. This grandeur building is adorned with lots of impeccably carved figurines, and wood carvings. Most of the decorative showpieces hanging from the roof are brought from various countries. Adding to the beauty of this palace is the pleasant ambience. The greeneries that embrace the whole place gives a picturesque look to the Palace.

Temples with rich heritage:

Temple With rich Heritage

Tamilnadu is also known as the temple town. There countless temples in Tamilnadu, among which some of them are world renowned for their incredible architectural beauty and rich heritage. Some of the most prominent temples to visit are Meenakshi amman temple, Kapaleeswarar temple, Chidambaram Nataraja temple, Parthasarathy temple, Tanjore Big temple, Gangai Konda cholapuram temple, Thenupureswarar temple, Pillayar Patti temple, Thiruvanaikaval Shivan temple, Srirangam temple etc.

Through visiting all these temples and places you can know more about Tamilnadu culture and heritage. For this vacation visit Tamilnadu “the land of rich heritage” and take back with you lots of unforgettable memories.