History of Tamilnadu

Tamilnadu is a very ancient traditional city, whose history dates back to come 6000 years. There is a debate over the origins of Tamilians, as some believe that they were the early settlers of Indus valley and later moved down to the south due to the invasion of Aryans. The present day Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh constitute the Dravidian culture(Thennadu) and this region was under the strong hold of three major rulers, The Pandiyas, The Cholas and The Cheras. 

Later The Chalukyas, Nayaks, and Vijayanagara invaded the South and ruled for some period. 

The history states that the Pandyans ruled the south in the earlies of 6th century B.C. they were the founders of Madurai city and contributed lot to the field of architecture, and literature. Then the Cholas reigned between 1st century to 4th century AD. The most famous kings of Cholas are the great Karikala Cholan, Raja Raja Cholan and Rajendera Cholan, who built great temples and dams during their rule.

Tamilnadu was took over by the British in the 17th century, when they established the British East India Company at Madras in 1639. The new chapter in Tamilnadu was opened then .The British slowly started to take over Tamilnadu and implement all their rules on Tamilians. Once India got freedom in the year 1947, the South region was divide into four states Madras Presidency became Tamilnadu, Coastal Andhra Pradesh, Northern Kerala and South West Karnataka. Tamilnadu became a prominent state in India having Madras as the Capital.