Chennai Tourist Information

Chennai the capital of Tamilnadu is the fourth largest city in India and one among the most populated cities. This metropolitan city is hailed as the automobile capital of India. During the independence era Chennai was known as Madaraspattinam.  In the year 1639 British East India Company ventured into Chennai and chose this place as their headquarters. In the 17th century, Madraspattinam and Chennaipattinam were merged as one and was renamed as Madraspattinam. Now Chennai had transformed a lot and has become a major urban center and naval base of South. As chennai has become a prominent IT hub, people from all parts of the nation live in peace here devoid of all diversities. Though Tamil is the main language, English and Hindi are also spoken here. Chennai is a miniature of a sub-continent, where one can witness varied culture, language and religion under one roof. As people from varied part of India dwell here, we can get all kinds of palatial cuisine. For the art and culture lovers there are lots of places to explore at Chennai such as Kalakshetra, Dhakshinachitra and lot more.