Tamilnadu Traditional Sports

Aadu Puli attam is one of the ancient indoor sports in India. This game is played to sharpen the thinking power and to develop strategy.

Kabadi is played all across the world. This game is known by many names Chedugudu or Hu-Tu-Tu, Hadudu, and Kit-Kit.

Paramapatham is played all over the world in various names. Commonly its known as chutes and ladder and is famous in countries like US.

Pallankuli is a memory game which helps to sharpen our thinking skills and aptitude. It is mostly played by two.

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Tamil Nadu

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Tamil Nadu

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Tamilnadu tourism offers you the list of packages overing the prominently visited destinations of Tamil Nadu. The temples, Jain circuits, beaches and culture of Tamil Nadu.



Tamil Nadu 


Detailed information on Tamil Nadu and travel destinations, hotels, transport, tourist map, how to reach Tamil Nadu Don’t miss these top destination for a terrific blend of temples, beaches, hill stations, nature, spirituality, and Dravidian culture.