Tamilnadu Amman Temples

Amman temples are very powerful and auspicious. Any incurable diseases and marriage obstacles will be annihilated once you step inside the temple. Visit all Amman shrines in Tamilnadu and seek the blessings of Amman.

Araikasu Amman shrine is found only in Rathnamangalam. The goddess in the form of Parvathi, graces in a sitting form, with four hands, and adorned with snake crown with a crescent on top


There are many Amman temples in and around Tamilnadu, but the most famous and powerful temple is Sir Kamatchi Amman temple at Kanchipuram. This temple sprawls across

Kamatchi Maha Mari Amman temple is located in Seerkali. The main tower (raja Kopuram) of the temple faces the East, a tall trident ( shoolam), Neem tree and the tall flag post are present in the temple.

Kannaki is one of the greatest women in India, she is known for her peerless chastity and sacredness. She is an icon of all married women. This kannaki temple is located in a hillock near Theni.

Vekkali Amman graces majestically in her pedestal, the fiery eyes and sharp fangs, shows how powerful she is. Kali one of the gods who are revered as well as feared by the devotees. 

Ujjaini makali Amman Temple

Ujjaini Makali is believed to be the younger sister of Samayapuram Mariyamman. This temple is located just two Kms away from Samayapurathu Mariyamman temple. 


The very name of Vakrakali Amman will slay the evil in us and restore peace and harmony. This is one of the most powerful Amman temples in Tamilnadu. 

Thillai Kali graces all ferociously and angrily from her shrine. Though she appears to be enraged, she blesses her devotees generously. The idol of Thillai Kali Amman is one of the rarest form, She has four heads and graces in a sitting postures, with her legs hanging down. 

Theppakulam Mariyamman temple in Madurai is most famous temple next to Meenakshi Amman temple. 



Theepachi Amman is not the incarnation of Lord Parvathi or Shakthi, she is just a truthful wife, known for her Chasity just like Kannagi. 


Petti Amman dwells in a temple at Mettupalayam, near Coimbatore. The sublime beauty of this temple attracts all the visitors. 

Pachai Amman Temple – Thirumulaivoyal

Pachai Amman at Thirumalaivayal, is located at the north east of Arunachala hill, it has the best ambiance of all Amman temples. 

This 1300 year old temple is the dwelling place of Munda Kanni Amman. The name itself suggests that the Amman has wide beautiful eyes. 

 One of the very unique Amman temples in India, is Masani Amman temple. This temple is built upon the cremation ground, and the sanctum of Goddess Amman is also built upon the cremation area 

Madapuram Kaliamman temple, holds immense reverence in the hearts of Tamilnadu people. Even uttering the name of this Goddess will cast a chill down the spine of devotees.  

Kurungudil Kathayi Amman temple is located near Chidambaram, this temple is very unique, and as it has three of the Ammans in the same sanctum. 


Kongalamman temple, is located in Kongu region and is the custom deity of the locals. This Amman temple is very prominent in Erode district. The first respect is given to this temple and only then is carried to other temples.

This temple is a tribute to Kannagi, the icon of chastity in Tamilnadu. This temple is laid in the place, where Kannagi stayed during her visit to Madurai. This temple also has Parvathi Shrine and the Amman is called as Chenbagathu Amman.