Ayyanar temple at Kochadai, is one of the most powerful and prominent Ayyanar shrines at Madurai. It is believed that people with incurable diseases will be cured if they pray to this god whole heartedly.

Ellai Karuppar “the border God” is the guardian angel of Perur. People of Perur worship him piously and vigorously.



Kadai pillai Ayyanar is a most revered custodian deity at Melur. People worship him for good fortune and happiness. This temple is picturesquely placed on the banks of Cauvery.


This lovely temple of Kali Theertha Ayya is located near Vedharanyam. This temple is known for its incredible powers and miracles.


Pachai Malayan “the Green Hill God” is the savior of Kapathampatti village. Yearly once a grand feast takes place at this temple, which attracts millions of devotees all around the globe. 

This unique temple is located near Thiruchendoor. The presiding deity is Karukuvel Kayyanar, who is worshipped vigorously by lots of people. People who have lost their belongings pray to this god to get it back.

Madurai Veeran is the most famous village God in Madurai. Praying to this God piously will bring success and prosperity in one’s life.

Naval karuppasamy temple is located at Mohanur. It is small belief among the locals that, if they write their problems in a sheet of paper and hung it in the Blueberry tree, it will be read by the Ayynar during his night round and will be solved soon.

Pandi Koil is one of the most sought after guardian temples in India. People with incurable diseases come here and light rice pudding lamp in order to get cured by Lord Pandi.

Pon Sorimuthu Ayyanar temple is located in a picturesque place, encircled by fresh pure waterfalls, rivulets, lush greens and what not. People offer chappals, cloths, goats and cocks to the God to fulfill their wish.


Sonnaiyan is the family deity of many. People having Sonnaiyan as their God, will do all the first respect to this Lord, with a belief that He will be present throughout the festival and guide it to end successfully.

Vandi Karuppu “vehicle god”, is the protector of all vehicles. Devotees of this god, offer a pooja before starting for any trip or journey. By doing so Vandi Karuppu will guide them to reach safely.

Veeranar “the Bravest “, is known for his valor and bravery. People worship this Lord to give them strength, power and success in their endeavors.