Silk Farm

It’s obvious that Tamilnadu silk is very famous and their quality and texture are peerless. Everyone fancy a lot to wear silk clothes. How fun it would be to watch the evolution of silk threads.

Silk farm in Yercaud gives that rare opportunity to the visitors to see how the silk worms are reared, how they are fed on mulberry leaves and how the cocoons are used for spinning the silk threads. So far we would have learnt the process of silk threads in books and childhood, but witnessing them on our own can surely be memorable and cognizant experience. By visiting this place we can get to know the life cycle of silk worm and methods of spinning silk.

Silk Farm is just few Kilometers from Lady’s seat at Yercaud. With evergreen hills as the backdrop, silk farm nestles in a serene comfort zone. Here, visitors can see the abundantly cultivated mulberry plants on which silk worms grow. These nutritious leaves of this plants are the food for silk worms. Monsoon season is said to be the breeding season of silk worms.


Though it is an offbeat destination, there will be always few visitors visiting this place, especially kids and students prefer visiting this place, as it will be very helpful for them to learn the life cycle of silk worms. Apart from the manufacturing of silk threads, this is an important landscape site from where enchanting natural beauty can be assimilated. The skill of breeding silk worms and the production of silk threads from cocoons are the traditional arts of Yercaud. The silk farmers of this region are capable to perform this task brilliantly.

Tourist information:

To bring Silk farm as one of the top tourist destinations, Tamilnadu government is taking many steps. The government is trying to expand the Mulberry farm and rear more worms. To attract tourists, certain amount of fund has been segregated to create children’s park, lawn, permanent science exhibition and animation centre in addition to establishing a model silk reeling and twisting units and weaving and wet processing units exhibition hall, food court, and sales outlets.


This farm is open on all days from 10 AM-5 PM

How to reach:

Silk Farm can be easily reached from Yercaud. It is near to Lady’s seat, so hiring a private cab or taxi would be very convenient. There is no need for a local guide to guide you through the farm, people working in there will explain the process.

Places nearby:

There are lots of lovely destinations to explore after you visit at Silk farm. Important among them are Lady’ seat, Rose garden, Big lake, Botanical garden, Shevarayan hill and Gents seat.