Amaravathy Crocodile park

Crocodiles are both highly dangerous and also interesting reptiles. Their crude body scales, sharp tooth, bulgy eyes everything are a subject of fascination.

Hence government has started a program of captive breeding of crocodile at Amaravathy. The crocodile farm at Amaravathy is the largest crocodile farm in India. The main objective of this project is to collect crocodile eggs from wild clutch and rear it in captivity and release the young crocodile in the wild to restore its status. This project was started in the year 1976 and is been running successfully. Currently there are 98 crocodile in Amaravathy. The three varieties of crocodiles available in the farm includes Mugger crocodile, Persian, and Marsh crocodile.

This park is well maintained and the steep steps on the dam lead to an amazing picturesque view of North and South of Annamalai. This place is converted into a District Excursion Centre for tourism.


Amaravathy Park can be approached from Coimbatore or Pollachi. Udumalapet also has bus service to Amaravathy.


Forest department provides a rest house with two suites, which can accommodate four people.

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