Arignar Anna Zoological Park

Chennai has the pride of having the first Zoo in India. This Zoo was created in the year 1855 and was shifted from then Madras city to Vandalur reserve forest. Few years later by 1979 a renovated new Zoo was established in an area of 510 ha housing more than 170 kinds of species. The Zoo is wide with all basic needs for the animals. It has dry evergreen forest, undulating plain, Dry Island, hidden walls, caves, lush forests and sufficient water bodies. There are separate places for every animal, reptile, birds, and other creatures. There is also separate lane for visitors. This Zoo is well maintained and attracts lots of visitors every day. All the animals and birds here are well fed and well treated.

Other attractions:

The other interesting aspects of this Zoo is, it provides lots of entertainments and adventurous events including Safari Parks for Lion and Deer, Jurassic Park, Reptile House, Elephant joy ride, Nocturnal animal house, Battery operated vehicles, Aquarium, Children’s park, Walk through aviaries, Education center, and Prey-predator concept enclosures (Tiger – Sambar)

Peculiarity of the Park:

The peculiar aspect of this zoological park is that, visitor are allowed to see animals at a hands distance, and they can even interact with them 

There is a life size portrayal of prehistoric animals and their habitat, which is the most interesting part of the zoo.

Visitors get the chance to meet all kinds of species including Asian elephant, Zebras, Lion tailed macaque, storks, Camel from South America, Highly endangered and endemic to Himalayan region Himalayan Black Bear, Pantheon and what not.

Do’s and don’ts:
  • Visitors are not allowed to feed the animals.
  • Keep the park clean and avoid throwing plastic covers
  • Smoking is not allowed inside the Zoo premise
  • Drinking is also prohibited
  • Any activities which may disturb the animals should not be executed.
  • Should not injure the animals 
  • At a distance of 38 Kms from Chennai Central Railway Station.
  • By Road: 32 KM. from Chennai city. 
  • Nearest Railway station is Vandalur – 1 KM.
  • Tambaram Railway Station – 6 KM
  • Nearest Airport – Meenambakkam – 15 KM

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